Olivia Culpo and Justine Marjan Show Us 3 Ways to Style 2017's Hottest Haircut

The year is 2017, and everyone is revisiting the iconic bob Victoria Beckham made famous almost 20 years ago, back when she used to go by Posh Spice, that is. The blunt length paired with a precise center part and a sleek finish is just as classic today as it was back then, but if you go for the crop, your style choices aren't limited to just that.

Olivia Culpo knows the drill. Ever since debuting the length earlier in the year, we've certainly seen that smooth, shiny take on the crop, but the star is constantly inspiring us with her effortless waves, structured curls, and cheeky half-updos, all courtesy of her hairstylist Justine Marjan.

We teamed up with Culpo and Marjan, who gave us the rundown on how to take one style, and three different ways to rock it. Equipped with her arsenal of GHD Platinum Styler ($250; sephora.com), Marjan outlines the exact steps you need to take to pull off each effect. Hit play on the above video to see three versatile ways you can work your bob.

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