Hair for days.

Just Wait Until You See This Real-Life Rapunzel
Credit: Getty Images

We’ve seen many different incarnations of the Human Barbie, and there was that family who grew their hair out insanely long, but this is the first time I can recall a real-life Rapunzel going viral.

Don’t worry, she’s not being trapped in a tower by her mother like the fairytale suggested, but Dashik Gubanov is showing off her strands on social media and people are kind of freaking out. Gubanov has over 116,000 followers on Instagram, with many asking why she hasn’t chopped off some of the length to donate to charity in an effort to provide wigs to cancer patients. The short answer to that, according to Daily Mail, is she does have charitable plans for her locks, but not until they finally hit her toes. Then let the giving begin!

TBH, the length is pretty impressive, particularly because Gubanov’s hair actually looks healthy considering how long it is. It even holds a wave surprisingly well…which leads us to so many questions. What kind of product and how much of it is she going through on a weekly basis? And how long did it take to create this epic braid?

A photo posted by Дашик Губанова Веснушка (@dashik_gubanova) on Apr 20, 2016 at 7:36am PDT It also appears as though her daughter will follow in her footsteps, because Gubanov’s mini me is rocking some seriously luxurious strands of her own.