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A far cry from the flower crowns that populated the Coachella fairgrounds earlier in the year, the autumnal bouquet Jennifer Lawrence wore in her updo at the mother! premiere in New York City served as an unexpected, yet totally elegant and organic, accessory paired against her delicate Narciso Rodriguez gown.

Okay, so technically it isn't a full flower crown—the blooms were concentrated along one side of her chignon, and the color choices made the look even more interesting. Generally, we see flower adornments in pink, white, or even pale violet variations, but the sanguine red of the florals Lawrence chose added an unexpected edge, while mirroring the petal tones in her makeup.

Credit: James Devaney/FilmMagic

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Wearing fresh flowers in your hair can be tricky, especially if you don't want them to wilt over the course of the night, but the task is still totally doable. Choose small, delicate blooms on the drier end of the spectrum for detail work, and for the larger blossoms, keep them in the fridge right up until the moment you insert them into your plait. The stems should be cut short enough so that they don't jab you in the scalp, but long enough so that they can be intertwined and hidden within your layers.

VIDEO: How To Get This Romantic Updo

A textured updo like Lawrence's is your best bet for getting the flowers to stay put. Start by winding your strands in varying directions around a curling wand, then give them a blast of texturizing spray or dry shampoo to add some grip. On the side of your head you want to place the flowers, begin twisting together a very loose side braid, and wind up the remaining length into a twist once you reach the back of your head. Anchor in place with liberal amounts of hair pins, apply a veil of hairspray, then start placing the flowers into the braid as you see fit, with the larger blossoms being placed closer toward the back and nape of your neck. Extra hair pins will come in handy here to ensure none of the flowers come loose.

Keep the "less is more" mantra in mind to avoid veering too far into festival hair territory. Once your updo is just floral enough, hit your strands with a final blast of hairspray, making sure the mist makes minimal contact with the petals to prevent discoloration.