The One Thing Jennifer Aniston Does Before Seeing Her Hairstylist

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Behind every great haircut is an even better stylist. In the case of Jennifer Aniston’s signature perfect beachy waves and blonde highlights, it’s Chris McMillan. As the actress’ longtime stylist, he’s responsible for Aniston’s most iconic look, “The Rachel,” and has helped Aniston evolve her signature look throughout the years.

So, what does McMillan use to create that final look? Despite the fact that he has access to virtually any product, McMillan often uses Murray’s $2 Pomade to give Aniston’s waves that piece-y, textured look. The pomade is a mix of petroleum jelly and paraffin wax that, when used sparingly on your ends, can define and control frizz.

Hit play on the video above to see all of the behind-the-scenes hair action that happened on Aniston’s InStyle photo shoot.

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