Jennifer Aniston Spent Quarantine Testing Her Haircare Line's First Product

The actress and producer is adding beauty brand founder to her résumé with the launch of LolaVie.

Jennifer Aniston Haircare
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It's hard to believe that "good hair" isn't a term in the dictionary. If it was, the definition would undoubtably be accompanied by a photo of Jennifer Aniston, whose heavily-layered shag from Friends (aka The Rachel) and beachy blonde highlights have influenced haircut and color choices at salons across the country since the '90s.

After setting hair trends for more than two decades, Aniston is finally giving anyone who has shown their stylist a photo of her as hair inspiration what they want: a haircare line. A partnership with Living Proof and a successful namesake fragrance collection has led her to this moment, and now the actress and producer is the founder and creator of LolaVie: a line where naturally-derived ingredients and science meet.

However, a haircare brand wasn't on Aniston's vision board until she became deeply interested in product development while previously working in the haircare space. "Years ago, I worked with another haircare company and I caught the bug after getting involved in the behind-the-scenes fun stuff like the ingredients and science," she tells InStyle.

With LolaVie, Aniston's goal is to create multipurpose products that are efficacious, but without any questionable fillers such as parabens, silicones, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, and other preservatives. The formulas are also vegan and cruelty-free.

"I want each product to be multipurpose; kind of like a Swiss Army Knife in a hair product," she says. "It's been five years since we started developing the first product. It took this long because of schedules, but also going through different batches of the product with different ingredients to get it just right and then testing it on all hair types."

Speaking of products, LolaVie is launching with the Glossing Detangler ($25), available exclusively at

Jennifer Aniston Haircare

To shop: $25;

The spray is designed to detangle, hydrate, protect against thermal damage, as well as boost shine on all hair types without weighing hair down. Its formula is built around the chia seed-derived LolaVie Bond Technology, which improves the appearance of current damage and protects against future damage. The shine comes from lemons, and conditioning is thanks to vegetable ceramides. The detangler (along with all of LolaVie's future formulas) utilizes bamboo essence in an effort to conserve water resources. As for the packaging, the timeless black and white design reflects Aniston's signature minimalist, yet chic style that lands her on best-dressed lists.

"We started with the detangler because I'm a big detangler user due to the wear and tear I've done on my hair," Aniston says of her first launch. "It's the first step when you get out of the shower so you don't rip through your hair. We tested different batches by giving it out to a wide array of my girlfriends and men who all have different hair types."

Aniston herself was also a part of the testing process, using the extra time spent at home during the pandemic to allow her hair to breathe and experiment how the Glossing Detangler could be used on her natural, unbleached hair in a variety of ways.

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"The pandemic has definitely about letting your natural hair fly, and it was really good for me not to color it," she says. "While I'm never going to say that I'm personally happy with my grays — all the power to those who are. I had the time to work with my own hair, and experiment with different samples we had been working on with my hair in different stages, whether it was completely dried natural or blown out."

And if the name LolaVie sounds familiar, diehard fans know it's Aniston's longtime nickname (and once the name of a fragrance).

"When I first moved to LA in the '90s and got my first used car, someone asked me what I was naming my car. I looked at them like, 'Wait a minute, is that something you do in California?' Lola came to my head because of the Sarah Vaughan song 'Whatever Lola Wants,'" Aniston says. "I just arrived in California and was like, 'Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!' Then it kind of stuck and became a nickname of mine."

LolaVie's the Gloss Detangler is available now for $25 at

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