By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Apr 15, 2016 @ 9:00 am
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Iles Formula Conditioner - LEAD
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When a conditioner claims to work on every single hair type out there, one of two things happen—either it's not hydrating enough for curly or dry strands, or is so heavy, it makes finer textures go completely limp. Because of this, we almost didn't believe the claims of a new product to market until we tried it out ourselves, but the Iles Formula Haute Performance Conditioner is the only one we've found yet that lives up to that tall order.

Developed by celebrity hairstylist Wendy Iles, the formula is lightweight enough to work on thin hair, but the infusion of silk proteins, oils from the tucuma palm and pracaxi plant, as well as vitamin B5, provide enough moisture for ringlets and thick strands alike. "I developed these formulas as an antidote to the tortured celebrity hair that I frequently encountered, but it had to work on all hair types as I travel the globe for campaign and editorial shoots—I can't travel with 8 suitcases of products!" she tells us. "It not only nourishes and restores the health of the hair, but makes it lustrous and camera-ready from the first application."

Damaged hair strands have slightly-raised scales along their length, which are responsible for that dry, straw-like feeling you get after a double-process color gone wrong. "Under a microscope, it looks like a snake's back with a lot of scales running up the outside—and the more damaged the hair, the more these scales are disrupted and sit straight up," she tells us. The nourishing blend helps to bring each scale back to its proper position and locks in the moisture. To get the most out of your bottle, Iles advises applying the product to your mid-lengths and ends, then using a wide-toothed comb to brush the conditioner into the top layers. "It's very high-performance, so it needs to be combed through to have even distribution," she explains. Pick up a bottle right now for $39 at