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Let’s get real: I love how soft and silky my hair feels after a good mask, but work, getting enough exercise, and (trying) to have a social life, leaves little time for giving your hair the weekly TLC it deserves. My low patience level also doesn’t help the cause. I’ve been known to walk out of stores if the checkout line is more than five people—even if it’s a crucial drugstore run to stock up on apartment essentials.

Luckily, for impatient (and busy) people like me everywhere, there’s now a way to mask that takes less time than editing and uploading a photo onto your Instagram feed. IGK’s Prenup Instant Spray Hair Mask ($32; sephora.com) looks like an old-school can of hairspray, but has a reparative formula that rivals all of the half-full hair masks tubs that are littering your shower.

Instead of letting the mask sit and soak into your hair for 10 minutes or so, the amla oil and cupuaca butter-infused spray works instantly to restore over-processed and styled hair. After shampooing and squeezing the excess water from my hair, two shots of the mask covered my completely covered thick, mid-length hair. Once the product hit my head, it lathered into a cream which was easy to run throughout my strands from root to end before rinsing it away. The mess-free application is a much welcome, added bonus. (Does anyone else get huge globs of rich hair mask all over their shower curtain or is that just me?)

“We really wanted to avoid having it in the traditional tub, because it can get so messy, water gets into it and causes bacteria growth and the whole performance of the formula breaks down,” Franck Izquierdo, co-founder of IGK Hair Care says of the product. “We developed a 360 applicator for Prenup that is easy to use and quickly and evenly coats the hair."

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Even if you don't have the same hair mask struggles as me, this is the easiest way to deep condition dry, brittle hair without turning it into an event that needs to be added to your iCal.