This Is How You Should Be Using Your Diffuser

Diffuser - Lead
Photo: Courtesy

Curly girls have long sworn by the powers of a diffuser, but for those of us who are rookies to the maneuvering the attachment (or are more familiar with the motions of a round brush), working with the clawed piece may take some guesswork. Unlike the traditional styling attachment, which concentrates all of the air into one stream, a diffuser evenly distributes it over a larger area. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from Amika's Mighty Mini version ($55; to DevaCurl's leaf-esque DevaFuser ($159;, but all accomplish the same end goal—defined curls or waves that hold their natural pattern, sans frizz.

To make the most out of your diffuser, make sure you have your dryer set to its lowest windspeed, as having it cranked up to its peak defeats the whole "no frizz" goal. Apply a layer of your favorite leave-in conditioner to damp hair, section it into workable areas, and use the attachment to cup sections of your curls as they dry. The teeth will help to circulate air, without altering the shape of your ringlets. Although the process takes longer at a lower speed and temperature, the shiny, soft curls you end up with are totally worth it.

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