How to Stop Your New Dark Brunette Dye Job from Fading

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Brown Hair Lead
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There comes a time in every bleach blonde's life where she realizes that she is so over high-maintenance hair and regular appointments to get rid of her roots. Well, maybe not every blonde's life, but it definitely happened to this blonde. I spent the last year jumping from shade to shade of blonde so often that I actually became worried I had an addiction. I loved every minute of it, until I didn't anymore. And when I didn't love it anymore, all I really wanted was to have my beautiful, shiny brown hair back.

Obviously, going to see my colorist, Sarah Spratt of Takamichi Hair in Nolita, was of the utmost importance. While she coated my hair in semi-permanent brown dye, restoring me to my true state of being, I picked her brain about every single means I could achieve hair that didn't fade. While it wouldn't be the biggest deal if it did fade (I went on second date with a very dreamy man who didn't notice that my hair drastically changed shades, so I guess less people notice than ya think), I'd still like to avoid the sitch. Here's how I'm planning on doing so.

Rule #1

According to Spratt, applying dye to dry hair will help stop it from fading. So when you book your cut and color, maybe ask them to cut your hair after they color.

Rule #2

Spratt's second tip was fairly obvious, but needs to be said because upon inspection of my own beauty product-jammed shower, I saw that I literally own one color-safe product. "It should go without saying that you should be using color-safe shampoo and conditioner. But also, please don't wash your hair every day," she said. I plan on washing my hair maybe every other or every two days.

Rule #3

Another clutch tip? Invest in a color-preserving deep conditioning treatment. This is something anyone with color-treated hair should do, but particularly if you are going darker. "Davines makes an Alchemic Chocolate Conditioner that will freshen your darker hair by depositing a little color, and it will also ensure that it doesn't oxidize or pull too warm." Essentially, this is the brunette equivalent of purple shampoo, and I will be getting my hands on some, STAT.

And with that, we are now all equipped to handle, or at least pro-long, our dye jobs from fading. I'm on the Rihanna hair swap schedule, so the next time I write an article like this, I'll probably be a redhead. But for now, I love my shiny chocolate brown hair, and I have a renewed bounce in my step. Sometimes you gotta go back to your roots, quite literally, to feel like a new woman.

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