By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Mar 20, 2018 @ 5:45 pm
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Volume Burst Spray
Credit: Courtesy

I'm definitely not determined enough to set my hair in hot rollers every single day, but that hasn't extinguished my desire for that glorious Kate Middleton-level of volume. So instead, I generally whine about it, flip my head upside down a few times, and then go overboard with a texturizing spray. After emptying my go-to brand, I decided to give a bottle of Kenra's Dry Volume Burst 3 ($17; a try, and my flat-as-a-pancake head of hair has never been the same.

It's advertised as being able to boost your volume up to nine times, which seemed like a hefty claim to me at first, but it comes through. A dry volume spray, it's meant to be used on hair that's already been air-dried or blow-dried. I flipped my hair upside down and spritzed my roots a few times, flipped my head back up, and then moved on to the lengths of my loosely-curled hair.

Hair Volume Front - Embed
Credit: Lauren Spinelli

I felt (and saw) a soft hold at my roots, as well as a lifted effect that made my fine hair look so much fuller. It also made the loose curls I already had placed in my hair look bouncier and more voluminous, something I've been desperate for after dealing with damage from bleaching.

Hair Volume Back - Embed
Credit: Lauren Spinelli

My hair stayed bouncy all night long—even after a mini bar crawl and a concert—and into the next day.

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The only downside? A soft hold isn't a brushable hold. It's not stiff by any means, but the security makes it difficult to run your fingers through your hair without any snags. It's the product to use when you want a commitment to body and volume.

Given my inability to wake up early enough to sit in hot rollers for at least 20 minutes, Kenra's commitment is exactly what I need.