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SEO UPDATE: How to Fix Static Hair
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Hands up if you feel personally victimized by static and frizzy hair every winter.

Once the cold weather arrives, wearing a hat and scarf is essential. But, that trendy beret is part of the reason why your hair looks like a science fair project whenever you take it off.

So, what causes static, anyways? It shouldn't be a shocker (get it?) that it has to do with electricity. When any two similar materials rub against each other (in this case, your hat and your hair) in dry weather, it causes electrons to bounce from one surface to another. The individual pieces of hair will resist each other and separate, creating that "hair-raising" look.

For anyone with mid-length to long hair, static is one of many winter struggles because it can be hard to control and style flyaway hair. But the good news is that there are some easy solutions. We turned to two top hairstylists for their tips on how to easily fix static hair — and prevent it in the first place.

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1. Use a Moisturizing Shampoo

During dry seasons like winter, when the air contains less moisture, it's important to use a hydrating shampoo to keep hair from getting extra brittle. Angela Soto, hairstylist and owner of Baja Studio in New York City, likes Oribe's Shampoo for Moisture & Control because it's specifically formulated with a polymer that delivers anti-static properties to the hair.

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2. Oil Up Your Hair

Celebrity hairstylist Alex Brown recommends running a nourishing oil through your hair when it's damp, since the extra moisture will help prevent static once it's dry. She loves Ouai's Hair Oil because the lightweight, hydrating formula doesn't make hair slick, greasy, or feel weighed down.

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3. Switch To an Ionic Blow Dryer

"Using an ionic blow dryer for starters is great. They emit negative ions that help dry the hair faster without the high heat," says Soto. Bio Ionic's Power Diva Pro Style Dryer has volcanic rock mineral infused into the barrel, which emits negative ions that deeply hydrate hair as it's getting dried.

"When drying with a dryer and brush avoid pre-drying too much," she adds. "Maintaining a fair amount of water in the hair will keep it soft and shiny."

How to Fix Static & Frizzy Hair

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4. Clean Your Hairbrushes

Like the tools you use to apply makeup, your hairbrushes need a good scrub, too. "Deep cleaning your brushes with a clarifying soap — such as dish soap — will help remove all product buildup, which will also help prevent static," Brown explains. You can't go wrong with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap.

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 5. Style with a Finishing Cream

Since texturizing products often contain alcohol, they can dry hair out, which you want to avoid in the winter. Instead, reach for a cream-based product when styling or touching up your hair. Running a tiny bit of a finishing cream through your ends can quickly eliminate static. Brown is a fan of Bumble and bumble's Brilliante styler.

How to Fix Static & Frizzy Hair

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6. Have Anti-Frizz Sheets Handy

"Keep some anti-static sheets on hand that usually have oil as a key ingredient to rub all over," suggests Soto. She loves the sheets from Nunzio Saviano, which are infused with nourishing coconut oil.

How to Fix Static & Frizzy Hair
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