I took copious notes so you don't have to. 

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Aug 23, 2016 @ 4:15 pm
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NEW YORK, NY - JULY 12: Gigi Hadid seen out in Manhattan on July 12, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images)
Credit: Robert Kamau/GC Images

I doesn't take ESP to realize that I am some kind of obsessed with Gigi Hadid's hair. I bleach and toned it into oblivion, so I can have the same color as she does. I also loooooove the way she styles her hair. The body, the imperfectly tousled look of it? Everything. So when I had the opportunity to meet with her stylist Kenna Kennor at his salon, aptly named Kennaland, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to see firsthand how he cooks her some good hair, obviously I jumped on the opportunity.

A photo posted by Kenna (@kennalandny) on Mar 31, 2016 at 4:30pm PDT

A photo posted by Kenna (@kennalandny) on Mar 29, 2016 at 11:15am PDT

First off, the Kenna method embraces (literally) the quirks of your hair. If frizz or some kind of movement/texture pops up, Kenna doesn't fight it. This was music to my ears. It's downright unrealistic for me to expect my hair to be totally perfect and I'm okay with that.

Cleanse and Condition

We started with a thorough cleanse and condition using the same Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner ($33-$39; sephora.com) that Kenna uses on Gigi. When it came to the blowout, we tweaked for the obvious difference in hair length and texture. Post wash, we prepped my hair with Evo Hair Mister Fantastic Blowout Spray ($30; evohair.com). Turns out my use of volumizing products on the reg was somewhat misguided. If I want the Gigi 'do, I should be using products that texturize without plumping the hair up too much.

Blow Dry for Texture

Make sure you blow dry your hair with a center part and body on the sides. Your hair will get its height from flipping it side to side, not from the blow-dry brush. As you dry it with a natural bristle brush, you can give yourself a little lift at the roots, but nothing massive.

We used two different barrels of a curling wand to get the desired bend for my lob. For the pieces on the sides, turn some away from the face while you use the length of the barrel to put a wave in (don't wrap tightly), and then pull it straight while it cools. You can also go over some ends again to make them straight. Put a bend in places where you hair might be tucked behind your ears. Most importantly, look in the mirror and make the waves and bends work for your face.

For the topmost pieces of your head, use a bigger curling tong, as that part shouldn't be as wavy.

Mess It Up

When you've gotten to the stage where you feel you've done a little too much, you've done a good thing. The next step is to take your blow dryer and blast your hair around a little bit, taking some of the "done" out of your 'do. Finally, add in some Evo Salty Dog Salt Spray ($30; evohair.com).

Takeway: Kenna Kennor is a genius. Obviously, you're all hightailing to Greenpoint, BK to snag an appointment with him to work his magic on you. But in the meantime, you've got the recipe and the free reign to make it work for you. Now go #werk that hair flip like our best girl, G.