How to Upgrade Your Go-To Braid in 5 Easy Steps

Much like ordering the same sad desk lunch every day at work, wearing the exact same braid all the time gets old. Enter the cage braid: an easy, Pinterest-friendly alternative to go-to braids like the French and the fishtail. What makes it a "cage" is the extra pieces pulled into the plait, which is braided and then lightly shaken to add dimension.

We turned to celebrity hairstylist Frank Rizzieri to break down the style so anyone can do it—whether you're a braid novice or pro.

When you're creating a loose braid like this one, Rizzieri's tip is to apply some texture cream or spray to your hands first to keep the sections of your hair from slipping. The final look is just as epic as the braids you see on Game of Thrones.

Hit play on the video above to see the stylist's five easy steps for creating a cage braid.

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