How to Cut Curtain Bangs Yourself and Style Them Just Right

It's easier than you'd think.

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So You Want Curtain Bangs – Here's how to Cut Them
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When you get the insatiable urge to switch up your current hairstyle but aren't quite ready to lose a ton of length or make a dramatic color change, consider getting bangs.

A set of fresh fringe can transform whatever haircut and color you're working with into an entirely new look. The one caveat is that getting bangs is a commitment: they require routine trims, need to be tamed in the morning, and can even cause forehead breakouts.

However, curtain bangs are an exception. These retro bangs remain on-trend because they suits a number of face shapes and hair textures, can be styled many ways, and are easier to grow out than blunt or baby fringe bangs.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about curtain bangs, including how to cut and style them.

What Are Curtain Bangs?

Like adding a set of delicate, light-filtering curtains on your living room window, curtain bangs frame and soften the face. "Curtain bangs are fridge-cut bangs that are parted in the middle of the forehead framing both sides of the face," says Cheryl Bergamy, a celebrity hairstylist and founder of Contents Hair Care. "The bangs usually start below the eyebrow cut into a diagonal shape where the ends of the bangs can blend in with the rest of the hair which is what makes this style so versatile."

In addition to the versatility, Bergamy says curtain bangs create the look of more layers and add volume to any style.

How to Cut Curtain Bangs:

It's always ideal that a trained hairstylist at a salon cut your bangs — especially if it's your first time getting them. However, booking an appointment isn't always a possibility. So, if you find yourself needing to cut your own curtain bangs at home, here's a step-by-step guide, straight from the professionals.

"If your hair type is 1A-2C you can achieve this look while the hair is wet," Bergamy says. "For hair types 3A-4C, I recommend blowing the hair out, and creating longer curtain bangs so when you want to wear your natural curl pattern it still will blend with the rest of the hair."

  • Step one: Start in the center of the bang (which will be the shortest part of the bang) using a cutting shear.
  • Step two: Trim in the middle of the bangs then move toward the sides. Bergamy says to make sure you're holding the shears diagonal towards the end of the bangs so that you're creating an angle. This will ensure your bangs blend with the rest of your hair.

VIDEO: These Are the Best Bangs for Every Face Shape

How to Style Curtain Bangs:

While curtain bangs are low maintenance compared to other styles, blowing them out correctly will prevent you from having to touch them up between washes. "Styling your curtain bangs can be easy, just section them off, blow dry them side to side, and then down," says Coco Santiago, a Bumble and bumble Flagship Stylist. "Hold your hand over them to cool them down from the heat. This will help with static and keep them straight."

Bergamy recommends prepping hair with a heat protectant, and textured hair should use a leave-in conditioner for extra protection. As for which brush to use while blow-drying your curtain bangs, she says to "use a round brush for straight to wavy hair and a wide tooth brush for blow drying textured hair." You can finish with a flat iron for added smoothness, body, and volume.

How to Touch-Up Curtain Bangs:

If you need to freshen up your bangs between washes, you can do so by blow-drying them. "The key is to section them out," says Santiago. "Spritz them with water or a light product like Bb.Prep Primer. Then use the same blow-drying technique to freshen them up."

Alternatively, you can use a touch of dry shampoo powder to soak up excess oil. "Dry shampoo removes oil, which helps to spruce up the bangs," Beragmy says. "If you need to restyle textured hair putting a little hair oil or gloss [like Contents' Glossifyer] on the hair help to keep the hair from frizzing at night. And if you are wearing a curly curtain bangs, make sure to reapply your curl cream or gel to keep the curls more define if the curls start to frizz or get untamable."

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