By Erin Lukas
Updated Feb 16, 2018 @ 4:15 pm
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Bumble and Bumble
Credit: bumbleandbumble/Instagram

Currently, I have three different group texts going with separate friend groups. Between keeping up with the memes they drop into our conversations, responding to the emails stacking up in my inbox, regularly exercising, and trying to drink enough water everyday, things like my hair color usually get neglected until my next coloring appointment is way past due.

I usually realize how long it's been since I last dyed my hair during a random morning styling session about four months after seeing my colorist. As I'm standing in front of the mirror and blow-drying my hair, I'll suddenly notice that my chocolate brown hair is no longer rich but dull and brassy.

Sure, making an appointment with my colorist is a quick fix, but my bank account doesn't always agree. An at-home alternative: Bumble and Bumble's Bb. Color Gloss ($34;

Color Gloss is an easy-to-use treatment that you leave on your dry hair for 20 minutes before rinsing it off in the shower and following up with your usual shampoo and conditioner. There are four different shades to choose from based on your hair color, along with a fifth clear, universal option. Each variety is infused with six different essential oils that hydrate, soften, and boost hair's shine. The tinted options have added pigments to improve your shade's tone and dimension between appointments with your colorist or enhance your natural color if you have virgin hair.

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Although I'm not impressed with how much my color has faded, I find that the shinier my hair, the more I can hide the reddish tones that I have from my mid-lengths to ends from heat styling, and just generally going too long between dye jobs. So, I went with the Bumble and bumble's clear gloss.

The treatment is actually simple to apply. It has the consistency of a rich leave-in conditioner but is easy to evenly run throughout your hair. One rookie mistake not to make: follow the gloss' instructions and wear gloves. I didn't and my hands were covered in sparkles until I rinsed it off.

Bumble and Bumble
Credit: Courtesy

It might not be completely obvious in the before and after photos above, but when I blow-dried my hair after treating my hair with the gloss, my strands were so much softer and shinier. My ends (which are usually brittle) weren't dry anymore. Even though I went with the clear gloss, I noticed a difference in the dimension of my hair. My lighter tones were less brassy and warmer.

One final tip: if you have thick hair like me, expect to only get two to three uses out of the bottle. I used about three-quarters of it to make sure all of my hair was completely covered. But, remember: $34 is a lot cheaper than making a visit to your colorist.