How to Fake Thicker Hair in Just Seconds

The secret is in your makeup bag.

Whenever you see a celebrity with super thick, full hair there's a good chance it's not entirely their own. This shouldn't be surprising since extensions, wigs, and the right cut and color are all well-known strategies to make hair look so much fuller than it actually is.

But, when it comes to knowing how to style thin hair, there's an even quicker, cheaper method of faking thickness that requires nothing more than a few of the items in your makeup bag? Eyeshadow — yes, just like your favorite neutral palette — is the secret to making fine hair look thick in a matter of seconds.

For any skeptics out there, InStyle beauty editor Dianna Mazzone's easy eyeshadow hack will turn you into a believer. She recommends using a matte shadow with gray undertones because it will read more natural than one that's shimmery or runs red, along with a dense brush like one you'd use for concealer.

Once you've got the tools, all you have to do is pat the shadow into your part and watch the magic happen. This optical illusion works, but it's not exactly practical for everyday life. Mazzone relies on this eyeshadow trick when she's going to a wedding or getting her photo taken for work.

Hit play on the video above to get the full tutorial and see Mazzone transform her hairline in under a minute.

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