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Shoppers Think This Blow Dry Brush Is Better Than Its More Famous Counterpart - and It's Also Cheaper

But only until Prime Day ends tonight.
By Stephanie Perry
Jun 22, 2021 @ 9:30 pm
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Blow dry brushes, the all-in-one hot tools that deliver salon-worthy results, have been buzzy for the past few years, but they're a particularly hot topic this week thanks to Amazon Prime Day. Yesterday and today have brought deep discounts on the internet's favorite one-step dryer, but according to Amazon shoppers, you might have been sleeping on the real steal. The Hot Tools One-Step Dryer has been dubbed the "best hair dryer" shoppers have ever used, and it's got an even steeper Prime Day discount than its name-brand counterpart. 

The one-step dryer is 58 percent off and acts like a round brush and blow dryer all in one, making the tedious process of blowing out your hair much more manageable. Its soft bristles are infused with activated charcoal to help remove product buildup, dirt, and grease. There are three temperature control settings, two speed settings, and an 8-foot cord for ease of use, and the lightweight build means you won't be getting an arm workout every time you dry your hair. Oh, and the brush is made with 24 karat gold (casual) for better heat distribution. 

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Shop now: $29 (originally $70),

The concept is more or less same as the blow dry brush you're probably familiar with. But you probably don't know that over 9,700 shoppers have given the Hot Tools dryer a five-star review - they swear it dries hair faster and delivers better results. 

"I have a Revlon hot air brush, a John Frieda and a Conair. I thought the Revlon was the best one until I got this baby! This is THE BEST," says one reviewer. "It used to take over forty five minutes with my other hot air brushes to dry/style my hair but, with this one it only took fifteen minutes."

"I wish I could give it ten stars," says another customer. "I am able to blow out my hair in ten minutes and I am DONE. My routine has always been to dry and then style with a flat iron as this was the fastest way to achieve the look I wanted. This is HANDS DOWN the best hair tool I have used in my life. If you're on the fence, just buy it. I can't believe this product does everything for less than half the cost of my other hair tools that can only each handle a piece of the overall look I want to achieve."

Amazon Prime Day ends in seven hours as of this writing (or tonight at 11:59 p.m. PT), so you don't have much longer. Grab the The Hot Tools One-Step Dryer while it's 58 percent less to see why customers think it's the "only tool you need."