Burn Yourself Less With This L-Shaped Curling Iron

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It happens to even the most careful among us. No matter how still you hold your curling iron, or how far it happens to be from your skin, one false move can leave you with an unsightly burn on your forehead or neck. You find yourself piling the concealer over the wound in the days that follow, as you explain to your friends, coworkers, and loved ones that it isn't a hickey. You just had a severe curling iron mishap. When you rework the tool from a different angle, however, the burn risk immediately gets lowered. Case in point: the new Hot Tools CurlBar iron.

Curling Iron Embed

The unique L-shape of the wand prevents any strain on your arms, not to mention, allows you to keep some distance between the barrel and your skin. There are two ways we like to use it—either hold the tool so the barrel faces a downward direction, or hold the barrel horizontally. Despite being able to reach temperatures of 450 ºF, the plastic tip somehow stays cool, and you can even use the timer function to ensure each ringlet doesn't get too much or too little heat.

Pick up the Hot Tools CurlBar, which is available in two barrel sizes, at ulta.com now for $90, and never risk a curling wand battle scar again.

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