Heatless Curlers

Curling Ribbons Are Here to Replace Your Hot Tools - and They're as Little as $9

Get salon-worthy, heat-free curls overnight.
By Stephanie Perry
May 05, 2021 @ 11:00 pm
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Perfectly blown out, bouncy curls aren't impossible to achieve at home, but you're probably going to need a couple of hot tools, several hours, and a whole lot of patience - at least you used to before TikTokers did what they do best: found a hack. Now, instead of spending forever blow drying, flat ironing, and curling your hair, you can just use a heatless hair curling ribbon in your sleep to get the same results. The ones that started this viral craze are usually sold out (and also a bit pricey), but we found some near-identical versions starting at just $9 on Amazon. 

The best-selling Ailevant Heatless Hair Curlers and the Livingpal Heatless Hair Curlers both include three items: a flexirod curling ribbon, a claw hair clip, and two scrunchies. To use, place the flexirod over the top of your head in a U-shape and secure it with the claw clip. Then section out your hair, wrapping pieces around the flexirod and away from the face, adding in more sections as you go. Once both sides of the hair are completely wrapped, secure the ends with scrunchies and wait at least three hours for your curls to set. To remove, undo the scrunchies and the clips, pull the rod up and out, and give your hair a quick tousle.

Women Heatless Hair Curlers For Long Hair
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Shop now: $9; amazon.com

TikTok Heatless Curling Rod Headband
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Shop now: $15; amazon.com

The Cheveau Beauty Co. Heatless Curling Rod and Weispo Store Curling Rod Headband also include the flexirod curling ribbon and two scrunchies, but they don't come with a claw hair clip. Customers haven't seemed to notice a difference, though.

"I have been looking for years for an effective and heatless curler and THIS IS A GAME CHANGER," writes one about the Cheveau Beauty Co. Heatless Curling Rod. "The curls are fantastic every time [and] it's very comfortable to sleep in."

"Worked perfectly," says another about the Weispo Store Curling Rod Headband. "So many things are good in theory, but awful in real life (magnetic lashes... looking at you). But this worked exactly as described. I can finally give my hair a break from heat!"

TikTok Heatless Curling Rod Headband
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Shop now: $17 (orig. $26); amazon.com

TikTok Heatless Curling Rod Headband
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Shop now: $16 (orig. $17); amazon.com

You might be familiar with this hair-wrapping technique thanks to the bathrobe heatless hair curling tutorials or the sock heatless curling technique found on TikTok. The issue with these methods is that you're wrapping your strands around cotton which can cause hair to rub together and frizz. Heatless hair curlers, on the other hand, are made with a smooth, satin finish so there's no friction, giving you smooth, sleek curls. Because the ribbon is soft and plush, you can even comfortably sleep with them overnight without disrupting your sleep. 

"You will absolutely love this," wrote an Amazon reviewer for the Ailevant Heatless Hair Curlers. "It's perfect for those who love having carefree curls with no need to put heat on hairs. This hair curler has become part of my every night routine."

You can also customize the look of your curls depending on how tightly you wrap your hair around the ribbon and whether you use it on damp or dry hair. For beachy, lived-in waves, loosely wrap dry hair around the ribbon and brush out your strands as a last step. For tinier coils, tightly wrap damp hair around the ribbon, then separate the curls with your fingers once the ribbon has been removed. 

If you're looking for an affordable and damage-free way to achieve stunning curls, shop the Ailevant Heatless Hair Curlers, Livingpal Heatless Hair CurlersCheveau Beauty Co. Heatless Curling Rod, or the Weispo Store Curling Rod Headband  on Amazon - starting at just $9.