Can a Healing Crystal Blowout Treatment Help You Feel More Zen?

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I’m generally not a calm person. Slow walkers, delayed subway trains, and my roommate taking over the bathroom in the morning are just a few minor inconveniences that stress me out on a daily basis. Making it through the week requires a few coffees every day, mid-week wine, and a lot of self-care.

While I try to prioritize and make time for myself, in reality it’s usually limited to a weekly face or hair mask because I can barely manage to fit in keeping up with my laundry, let alone allowing my brain to completely shut off for 10 minutes to meditate. So, if there’s a way to streamline wellness into my week, I’m ready and willing to try it, which is how I wound up getting a healing crystal-cleanse blowout treatment at LAUREN + VANESSA in New York.

Healing crystals have had quite the year. The minerals and gemstones rejoined the mainstream and it seems like everyone has their own set, myself included. Their metaphysical properties and the positive energy they are believed to emit are not only being used to balance people’s minds and temperaments, but they’ve also migrated into skincare products, too.

The Crystal Cleanse Ritual at LAUREN + VANESSA focuses on the opening up and promoting circulation of your crown chakra (located at the crown of the head) with essential oils and crystals that hold cleansing properties. In turn, the treatment is supposed to help you feel more balanced throughout your day-to-day and encourage a healthier scalp.

After picking an affirmation card from a deck at random, Lauren smudged me with Palo Santo from head-to-toe to cut any bad vibes I came in contact with that day. Once I said bye to the bad energy, we moved over to the sink where I laid back with my eyes closed and Lauren had me smell four essential oils and select which appealed the most to me. Peppermint with a blend of eucalyptus was my choice, which is supposed to be great for enhancing energy and mental alertness—two things I desperately needed during a busy week of pre-holiday deadlines.

A scalp massage using the oils followed, and then came the crystals. Lauren chooses which crystals to incorporate into the treatment based on the essential oils one picks and which complement the crown chakra. First, red calcite, known for eliminating fear and erasing road blocks that hold you back in life, was placed in my right hand, and ametrine, known for releasing negativity and enhancing mental clarity, in my left hand.

The series of rocks including moonstone, lapis, selenite, chevron amethyst, and clear quartz that Lauren used to massage my head as well as throat chakra and third eye (the area between the eyebrows), aid in areas like mental clarity, stress relief, circulation, tuning into one’s intuition. All of the aforementioned felt nice on my skin, and I could almost tune out the blow-drying happening in the salon around me, but what surprised me was the effect blue lace agate had on my third eye.

I had a killer tension headache brewing when I arrived at the salon, but it literally was wiped away with this rock that’s known for soothing tension headaches and an overactive mind, which basically sums up my usual mental state. Following the crystal cleanse was the standard shampoo and a blowout with Vanessa, during which I felt completely at ease, forgetting the fact that I didn’t wrap up everything I wanted to at work that day, another minute detail that gives me anxiety at night.

Usually around 11PM on weeknights I get a second jolt of energy that keeps me scrolling deep through my social media feeds longer than I want to admit. However, the night following the treatment I could barely keep my eyes open. The next day at work I felt relaxed, despite missing info that prevented me from meeting some of the day’s deadlines. If a blowout is what it takes to be more zen, my laundry can wait a little longer. There's a Crystal for That: Why You Need Healing Crystals in Your Skincare Routine

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Rose Quartz 

Image zoom Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is not only the crystal of love that can help with boosting your self-esteem and self-worth, it's also considered a universal stone when included in skincare products, because it works to improve circulation and can calm every complexion. Washing up with a rose quartz-infused cleanser such as Själ Skincare Balans Deep Pore Cleanser will keep your skin balanced, and free of redness and irritation from the stress of a workday gone wrong, or a hot and humid heatwave. Courtesy

Image zoom Amethyst

Anxious about an upcoming job interview or cute Tinder date? Amethyst can act as a calming mechanism to ease nerves. The ultimate way to completely feel zen: an end-of-day soak in the tub with Roques O'Neil's Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts, which are loaded with powered amethyst crystals. Courtesy

Image zoom Tourmaline

If your body and mind is in need of a detox, tourmaline is your BFF. The stone helps mend your mental well-being after suffering a hardship, and physically, can support circulation and water rentenion, which makes it a great anti-aging ingredient. The rotating head of Nurse Jamie Instant Uplift Facial Firming Beauty Tool facial massager, is covered with 24 precious tourmaline stones whose energy works to temporarily uplift and firm targeted areas from signs of aging like your neck or laugh lines. Courtesy

Image zoom Citrine

If the empending fall season has thrown a cloud over your sunny disposition, citrine is sunshine packed into a crystal. Since it's optimistic and has creative energy, it can be used to assist with seasonal depression and bring opportunity. This mask by Själ Skincare is packed with citrine along with other crystals including pearl, amethyst, and ruby to gently wipe away dull and tired skin cells to brighten your complexion. Courtesy

Image zoom Malachite

Often considered the crystal of transformation, this green stone might be pretty, but it's also a deep energy cleaner and is often used for healing and bringing positive change, which can make it a powerful ingredient in skincare. In Sisley Paris' Eye Contour Mask, the stone is one of the treatment's firming ingredients to help minimize crow's feet. Courtesy

Image zoom Sapphire

This stone is one of healing, intuition, and logic to help you face and see difficult situations clearly. On the skincare front, sapphire can be a great ingredient to keep complexions smooth. Själ Skincare's Saphir Concentrate Anti-Aging Face Oil is infused with a sapphire and aquamarine duo that makes for powerful anti-aging facial treatment Courtesy

Image zoom Ruby

This berry colored stone helps you feel powerful, in control, and recharges your energy levels. On your skin, the crystal is great for curing your complexion's fatigue. Goldfaden MD's Doctor Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator sloughs away dead skin cells to leave your skin fresh and recharged. Courtesy 1 of 7 Advertisement

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