By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Oct 18, 2016 @ 3:00 pm
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If we told you there were a way to naturally restore your grey hair back to its brunette glory, would you believe us? Unlikely, but let the Hairprint True Color Restorer Kit convince you. Developed by Dr. John Warner of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Technology in Massachusetts, the color restorer kit swaps out any dyeing agents for a top-up in eumelanin, which is a natural pigment found in your hair shaft that gives it color. The way your eumelanin is arranged dictates your natural hair color, and the Hairprint set helps to put the molecules back into your strands without disrupting their natural order. "I wanted to come up with a way that didn't use coal tars, didn't use nasty molecules and toxic reagents, but I also wanted to not paint or dye hair—I wanted to make it come the way it originally was," Dr. Warner says. "So, if you had black hair and it's gone grey, you get your black hair back. If you had brown hair and it's gone grey, you get your brown hair back. Instead of painting with toxic materials, we use the body's natural chemistry to restore the original color." In developing the product, Dr. Warner worked with grey human hair extensions from different donors, which slowly started shifting toward the darker end of the spectrum when the formula was applied.

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To ensure the treatment actually worked, Dr. Warner put the set to the ultimate test by trying it out on himself. "As you can see, I've been grey for the last 25 years, since graduate school," he adds. After just one use, his hair returned to the sandy brunette state it had been pre-Princeton grad school. One process takes around 75 minutes in total, and involves five—cleanse with the Hairprint Chelating Shampoo ($22;, apply the Pretreatment for 5 minutes, do two rounds of the Restore step at 15 minutes each, finish with the Complete portion, then rinse. The treatment works for light to super-dark brunette hues at the moment, so blondes and redheads should keep their fingers crossed for their own versions, but it's an innovation of epic proportions for the category, and dare we say, could even be life-changing for some. Pick up the set now for $39 at, and never juggle the components of a DIY hair dye kit ever again.