Hair Yogurt - LEAD
Credit: myprojectbeauty/Instagram

Greek yogurt does the body good—the hair on your head included. If you consider the Whole Foods staple part of your balanced breakfast, you may be especially happy to know it's making the jump from the kitchen to your shower. The aptly-named haircare brand Hairgurt has tapped into the vitamin and nutrient-packed recipe to include in formulations for their shampoos and conditioners. The conditioner in particular comes in the cutest yogurt-inspired tubs—though we'd advise against storing them in the fridge for fear of confusing your roommate.

For hair that is dry, frizzy, dandruff-prone, or all of the above, a weekly treatment could be what you need to nurse your strands back to health. Simply take a dollop of conditioner and coat your layers from root to tip—make sure to get the scalp, too, as yogurt's anti-fungal properties can tackle any flakes—let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse out. The result? Insanely soft and shiny hair that holds the faintest scent of honey and almond. Pick up a set of two hair masque tubs for $24 at, and while you're there, grab a shampoo in the corresponding flavor of your choice for $9.