People With Thinning Locks Say This Oil Restored Their Hair's Health and Made It Grow "Inches"

And it’s on sale ahead of Prime Day.

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Full, luscious hair is a timeless beauty goal. It did, however, seemingly become more prioritized in the last year or so, possibly as a result of Covid-related hair loss. To encourage hair growth, you have a ton of options: supplements, multi-product hair care regimens, or a simple one-step oil like

Hairfinity's Botanical Hair Oil, which is down to $26 ahead of Prime Day. Hairfinity's Hair Growth Oil is masterfully packed with scientifically proven hair growth ingredients; collagen, coconut oil, and moringa oil are particularly worth highlighting. First, collagen comes at hair loss and growth from several angles — it prevents age-related thinning, repairs damaged hair follicles, and creates keratin, which propels hair growth. As for coconut oil, a study found that it reduces protein loss in the hair, which is a common cause of hair loss. The last starring ingredient, moringa oil, is so rich in hair rejuvenating amino acids, it reduces hair loss. One study even found that it was able to activate hair follicles, thereby encouraging growth in people with alopecia.

Hairfinity Botanical Hair Oil - Growth Treatment for Dry Damaged Hair and Scalp

Shop now: $26 (Originally $41);

This oil can be used in a number of ways — you can apply it directly to specific areas, work it through wet hair following a shower, use it on dry and damaged hair, or mix a few drops into a leave-in conditioner.

Regardless of the method you pick, over 4,400 Amazon shoppers have given the oil a five-star rating. After using it three times a week for a year, one reviewer said their hair has "grown over 10 inches." Another 72-year-old shopper added a few drops into their daily mousse, as well as using it alone as an overnight hair mask to " restore my thinning hair." After a few months of use, they wrote, "My hair is becoming stronger and more manageable, and yesterday my hairdresser was very pleased to see that my new baby hairs are 1.5-inches long."

One last Amazon reviewer who "saw and felt results" after just one week of use wrote, "[After] having suffered hair loss, breakage, and dryness I've grown sick and tired of the struggle." "I've been out of Hairfinity Hair Growth Oil for a couple of days and my hair is basically yelling at me to get its food."

Between the smart science-backed ingredients and the thousands of glowing reviews, a couple of drops of this currently discounted Hairfinity Hair Growth Oil is clearly the solution to luscious locks. Buy it on Amazon for just $26 while it's on sale.

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