Amazon Shoppers Say This Hair-Thickening Powder "Instantly and Naturally" Covers Thinning Spots

It’s the quick fix you’ve been looking for.

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Toppik Hair Building Fibers Spray
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If you've ever tried out a hair-thickening serum or shampoo, you know it can take months to see new growth. While you could just style your fine hair as usual as you wait for the products to work, Amazon shoppers found a better solution. Toppik Hair-Building Fibers will "instantly and naturally" fill in thinning spots and hair lines, and you can get a bottle for $24.

Available in Amazon's Premium Beauty section, Toppik powder will create the appearance of a thick and voluminous head of hair. It's made from natural keratin, which is the same protein that's found in your hair, making it easier to blend in. The fibers come in nine colors, including shades of black, brown, blonde, auburn, and gray.

Toppik Hair Thickening Keratin

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You can apply the powder to your hair with either the included sifter or spray cap. All you have to do is dry and style your hair like you usually do, pour or spray the fibers into your thinning areas, and gently pat it in to disperse the pieces.

If you're not entirely convinced this product is for you, look no further than the reviews section. More than 19,000 Amazon shoppers have given the Toppik hair fibers a five-star rating, and nearly 2,600 of them left glowing reviews. One reviewer called the product a "life changer," since it not only fills in thin spots, but "actually makes [their] hair look thicker." Another shopper confirmed that after applying the product, it "stays for the rest of the day even if I put my hair up in a tight ponytail, wear a hat, [or] take a nap."

The only way to know if this product will help solve your hair-thinning woes is to try it out for yourself. Find your shade match and grab a bottle of the Toppik Hair-Building Fibers for $24 — we have a good feeling you're going to like the results.

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