When life gives you cheetos, curl your hair?
Cheetos - Lead 2016

Sometimes you try to get ready for your day at a friends house after a sleepover and realize they have none of your beauty tools. Necessity is the mother of invention in that sitch. But if you're YouTube-famous beauty vlogger, you use unconventional products as a testament to your skill, but also because your followers ask you to.

Bunny Meyers, more commonly known as Grav3yardgirl, did a tutorial last week on her YouTube channel where she used marshmallows to curl her hair, with somewhat mixed results. This week, Bunny took things up a notch by using Cheetos to curl her hair.

Bunny's marshmallow YouTube tutorial was such an online hit that her fans asked for an entire segment dedicated to trying to curl hair with unusual products. Grav3yardgirl gave in and went with the overwhelming request which was... Cheetos?

Anyways, Bunny did a tutorial using three bags of Cheetos to curl her hair and also to snack on (same), and the results are surprisingly impressive, with the exception of some leftover Cheeto dust. The Cheetos actually allow for a pretty tight curl pattern.

While we will probably try another DIY trick before giving in to snack food, at least we know it works?