By Erin Lukas
Updated Jul 30, 2016 @ 6:00 pm
Shampooing - Lead
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Just like your regular three-mile run, your hair may also hit a plateau when you lather up with your go-to shampoo of choice. While you might have heard that's the case (and it's time to hit the store to switch things up) is there any truth behind it? “If you feel like the texture or health of your hair is changing and you’re not happy with it, it might be time to change up your shampoo,” says Liana Le, stylist at Marie Robinson Salon in New York. “Sticking with the same ol' product and not liking the results is a major red flag to switch it up! Just like doing the same workout or building a tolerance to the same cocktail – it is possible to build a tolerance to shampoo and there are plenty of options out there to try out!”

One of the biggest triggers that can cause your shampoo to lose its luster is using a product that isn’t properly tailored to your specific hair type and needs. “There is a shampoo specific for every hair texture and lifestyle,” explains Le. “For instance, curly hair is usually known to be dry so I would never recommend a volumizing shampoo because they usually have a clarifying property to them. In this case, stick with moisturizing gentle shampoos.” She stresses the importance of picking your stylist’s brain for recommendations for your hair type and needs. While she doesn’t suggest hoarding shampoos, Le recommends keeping a few options on hand to cater to your hair’s changing states, such as a cleansing, purifying, and a formula for color-treated strands.

To help your shampoo to continue working its magic, Le suggests not washing your hair too often so that you’re stripping your strands of its essential oils. “I typically recommend shampooing two or three times a week,” she explains. “For the woman who works out every day and has to wash her hair after a SoulCycle class, try just rinsing your hair with plenty of water and running conditioner on your ends. You can also try wearing it in different hair styles (a quick and easy updo or a sporty braid) to skip days when your hair doesn't feel as great as it might right after shampooing. This will give your hair a healthy break, change up your looks, and make those moments with your shampoo much more effective.”