Shoppers Swear This Growth Serum Has Transformed Their Thinning Hair Into Thicker, Fuller Strands

It strengthens hair follicles while preventing loss from brushing or combing.

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ECOMM: Shoppers Swear this Hair Growth Serum Has Transformed Their Thinning Strands into Healthier, Fuller Locks
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There are a plethora of reasons why hair becomes frail and falls out; from stress to medications to genetics. Whatever the case, seeing clumps of hair in the shower or in your hair brush is never fun and only brings a dreadful feeling of panic. Preventing hair loss is a process, but a doable one, and many shoppers are turning towards Vegamour as a hopeful solution for healthier hair days. The brand’s plant-based, cruelty-free GRO Hair Serum has acquired many five-star reviews, with users saying their hair has never been so long.

The reviving hair serum works to stimulate follicles, promoting new growth at the roots over time. The formula is without harsh chemicals and won’t cause any abrupt side effects, so you can apply it daily. Vegamour’s GRO slows the production of DHT — a compound derived from testosterone that’s known to make hair fall out faster — in follicles through the use of rich plant-based ingredients, such as mung bean and red clover. Curcumin and Nicotiana benthamiana, both highly concentrated proteins, increase hair density and protect against inflammation that could further halt hair growth. The result is thicker, stronger strands that won’t break or fall out as easily.

While everyone’s outcome will vary depending on length of use, most users will see a significant difference in hair thickness in as few as 90 days, but continuing beyond the three months will yield even more noticeable results. During the slated time period, users saw up to 76 percent less shedding and a 50 percent increase in density. Shoppers are claiming their hair is much thicker since implementing the boosting serum into their daily regimen, with visible results appearing in even just the first month for some.

“I’ve been noticing new growth since using it, and I’m cautiously optimistic! Smells great, easy to apply. Pretty thin liquid so it spreads across your scalp easily,” wrote a reviewer.

“I've struggled with my hair for years and years and have tried a million different products,” said another. “This is legitimately the first product I have used where I almost instantly noticed less shedding. That is HUGE. Also love that it doesn't make your hair greasy.”

If you, too, are struggling to combat thinning hair and are in need of a boost of thickness, grab this growth serum for $48, or subscribe to the monthly refills to get each bottle for $40.

Vegamour GRO Serum

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