By Erin Lukas
Updated Oct 17, 2016 @ 2:30 pm

A set of crystals arranged on your desk or dresser can be used to improve your well-being and gemstone-infused skincare products can heal your complexion, but they’re also helpful in the hair styling department. Meet Varis Creative Energy Hair Dryer ($250; and Smoother ($199; The styling duo isn’t packed with Spencer Pratt-approved rose quartz, amethyst, and black tourmaline healing crystals, but instead harnesses the energy of hydroionic crystals to hydrate and condition strands, rather than drying them out from heat-styling.

Here’s how it works: The crystals in the blow dryer and flat iron are a blend of natural-occurring crystals that emit pure negative ions and far infrared energy. Together, the ions and energy are powerful enough to break down water molecules that soak the hair shaft to restore moisture balance which keeps hair hydrated and shiner—even if you’re heat-styling regularly.

As someone who’s a heat-styling addict but isn’t on top of scheduling regular hair trims, my ends usually fairly dry and in overall pretty rough shape—which doesn’t do any favors for my frizz-prone hair texture. So, I was pleasantly surprised that my strands were significantly less fuzzy when using Varis’s dryer—and the tool’s light weight. Usually by the time I finish drying my thick hair I feel like I’ve done a complete arm workout, but this dryer weighs in at less than a pound, which is a whole lot easier on your arms if you’re doing an actual post-gym at-home blowout.

The flat iron’s temperature can conveniently be adjusted to cater to your hair’s texture and how much heat you need for your hair to hold the style you’re trying to achieve. After one use, I did experience increased shine of clear quartz proportions. Shine on indeed.