This Auto-Rotating Curling Iron Is So Speedy, It Cuts My Styling Time in Half

I have bouncy, voluminous waves in 10 minutes or less.

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This Auto-Rotating Curling Iron Is So Speedy, It Cuts My Styling Time in Half
Photo: Courtesy of Tymo

I'm not going to lie: I find the process of curling my hair to be tedious. Between the time it takes, the slight burns I endure, and the damage it causes my strands, I've found myself styling my hair less and less overtime because it's not worth the hassle. With that said, I've always preferred the look of bouncy waves over my natural texture, so when Tymo (the brand known for its best-selling Ring straightening brush) added the Rota Curling Iron to its lineup, I was eager to put it to the test — here's why.

It may look like any other curling iron at first glance, but this model features a unique component that sets it apart: an auto-rotating barrel that creates inner and outer waves in the hair. Simply clamp sections of hair onto the iron, click either the left or right arrow button (depending on which direction you want the hair to spin) to activate the auto-rotation function, hold for a few seconds until you hear a beep, and then release for picture-perfect curls. It's not only incredibly easy to use, but also lightweight enough that it completely eliminates arm strain during the styling process.

Tymo Rota

Available at Amazon, Tymobeauty, Target

Additional elements make this hair tool a cut above other options. Along with fast-heating technology that makes it ready to use within 50 seconds, according to the brand, the automatic curling iron comes equipped with five adjustable temperature settings for varying hair types. Plus, the 1.25-inch barrel has a titanium coating that helps prevent heat damage, while its built-in ionic system keeps frizziness at bay.

Since I'm used to manually wrapping my hair around a wand barrel, this hair tool has been an absolute game changer — its auto-rotation is so speedy, it cuts my styling time down to nearly half of what it was with other irons. It keeps dryness to a minimum, too; if you're nervous about how long to leave each section on the barrel, the self-timing beeper will alert you in seconds when it's ready to be released. In addition, the ability to create inner and outer waves allows me to play around with the outcome of my style more than any other tool, and even with relatively thick hair, my entire curling process takes 10 minutes or less every time.

Tymo Rota
Courtesy of Maya Gandara

Beyond earning this beauty writer's approval, the recently released curling iron has already garnered positive feedback from Amazon reviewers. One person wrote that it's "everything they've ever wanted," adding that they ​can't imagine how they "managed their nest of hair before" this arrived on the scene. Another called it an "efficient and well-made alternative to a traditional curling iron" for those that struggle with curling their hair.

All other hair tools have taken a back seat since I added the Rota to my collection. Find out why I — and so many others — are obsessed with the automatic iron by snagging it at Amazon (where it's currently 20 percent off) or Tymo Beauty.

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