This Scalp-Soothing Shampoo Is So Popular, One Bottle Sells Every 4 Seconds

This Scalp-Soothing Shampoo Is So Popular, One Bottle Sells Every 4 Seconds

Say bye to your oily, itchy, dandruff-prone scalp for good.
By Eva Thomas
Sep 09, 2020 @ 5:35 pm
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A healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair. And you didn't just hear if from us. Anabel Kingsley, a trichologist of the Philip Kingsley clinic, put it best: "You need to give your hair a healthy base from which to grow; think of your hair as a plant, and your scalp as the soil supporting it," she once shared with InStyle. "When the scalp is clean, clear of inflammation, irritation and skin-cell build-up, it is better equipped to produce hairs of high integrity." Makes perfect sense.

So how does one maintain a healthy, nourished scalp? Simple, or well, maybe not so simple. Find a nourishing product that'll give the skin on your head some major TLC. But given the vastness of the haircare landscape, such a task can feel like a weeks-long journey. So it's a good thing beauty fanatics 'round the world collectively agree on one cult-favorite scalp care product that does it all: the Body Shop's best-selling Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo that's so popular, 15 bottles sell every minute. That's right, 15 bottles a minute

Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo
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The ginger shampoo is among The Body Shop's most well-known products for the simple fact that it's just so damn good - so good, in fact, that it's averaging a 4.7-star rating on The Body Shop's website and 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Its formula features a blend of hydrating ginger, collagen-boosting birch bark, and moisturizing honey, all of which work together to promote hair growth and soothe the scalp while removing those pesky loose flakes (ahem, dandruff) that sometimes seem impossible to get rid of. 

Even if you don't suffer from excess dandruff, the ginger shampoo is worth a go the next time you shower. Tons of shoppers have deemed it the "best shampoo ever," a "holy grail in a bottle," and the "best purchase ever." So yes, people (and their scalps) seem very happy with it. Plus, given the fact that scalp dryness is more prevalent during the cold-weather season (which is just around the corner, by the way), the Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo seems like a very fitting purchase right about now. 

If you want the full range of the brand's game-changing scalp-soothing products, consider adding its Ginger Scalp Conditioner and its just-launched Ginger Scalp Serum, a vegan, intensely nourishing oil that helps rebalance the scalp, into your haircare routine. 

Shop the best-selling scalp-soothing shampoo on Amazon or the Body Shop's website to see what all the hype is about. Your hair (and scalp) with thank you.