By Victoria Moorhouse
Jun 25, 2017 @ 3:00 pm

The last time you even considered using a crimping iron was probably when Lizzie McGuire ran television in all her hair glory back in 2002. It was a trend, like scrunchies and stripy highlights, you likely retired for good. But the crimping iron just got a makeover, and it’s about to be your new secret for foolproof waves in five minutes or less. 

Bed Head’s Waver tools are the 2017 take on the crimping iron, except they don’t give you the teeny-tiny crimps that you fangirled over on Melissa Joan Hart. They have the ability to give you sculpted (think Old Hollywood), loose, or messy waves.

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While the crimping irons of the past looked like paddles with ridges, these are considered "waving tools," and are made with rods that your hair folds over to create the indentation.


Bed Head has developed two different versions. The first, the Wave Artist Ceramic Deep Waver ($20;, features one setting to create sculpted waves. All you have to do is section out your hair, and clamp down, moving the iron down the hair shaft until you get to the ends. The more times you clamp down, the more indentations, or waves, you'll create. This is a great option if you envy the 1920s-inspired waves celebrities wear on the red carpet, or the look you get when you sleep on damp braids. 

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The second version, the A Wave We Go Adjustable Deep Waver ($33;, features a waving setting you can change, allowing you to pick between a looser wave, a crimp, a more defined wave, or something a little tousled. 

We're calling it the new and improved crimping iron. What's next? Literally anything is possible. Even perms made a comeback.