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Beauty product customization has come a v. long way. You can get your name engraved on a bottle of perfume, boost your moisturizer with essential oils and even more hydration thanks to brands like Skin Inc., and even Kiehl’s dabbled in the personalization factor of beauty.

And now, yet another brand is taking custom beauty to another level with an entire shampoo line inspired by mixology cocktailing. And lets face it, beauty cocktailing is something you probably already do on a daily basis, so the idea within an actual beauty brand seems pretty interesting.

The line is called ShampYou, and it allows users to enhance a shampoo formula with two serums for their specific concern, hair type, or texture. It straight up looks like a science experiment in your shower.

There are four different shampoo base blends, including Ylang Ylang & Bergamot, Lemon & Verbena, Mimosa & Jasmine, Juniper & Mint, and then eight different “Serum Shots.”

The idea is to pick a base blend that appeals to you most and then boost it, if you will, with a Serum Shot. Each bottle looks like a mini vile, hence the scientific vibe we were talking about earlier.

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There are options to enhance your hair color (think Ravishing Red and Beautiful Brunette), those to add volume and even more moisture, and a few that cater to your hair texture. Curl Me Up Super Serum is meant to nourish and define curls, while Turn Up the Volume Serum adds body and thickness to strands.

So how does this whole mixology thing work exactly? You mix in the formulas of choice into the larger shampoo bottle and give it a good shake. Then, you're set to use.

While we're not sure we'll ever give up our premixed bottles, the entertainment factor of this product is close to those animal face sheet masks, and that's def. appealing.

Now all you need is a super chic lab coat.