People With Thin, Fine Hair Say This Shampoo Adds a Fullness That Lasts

It gives the illusion of thicker locks with every wash.

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Rene Furterer Volumea Shampoo
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I'm not here to crush any souls, but it's difficult to permanently change naturally fine strands — blame genetics (or your parents). However, here's some good news: There are hair care products that can fake the illusion of fuller locks. The Rene Furterer Volumea Volumizing Shampoo is a prime example; reviewers say it adds weightless lift and body to flat hair, and the look lasts for days on end.

Specifically formulated for fine, limp hair, the shampoo visibly thickens follicles from root to end with every wash. Its main ingredient, carob tree extract, is the workhorse behind this temporary transformation. Harvested from the Mediterranean region, the ingredient contains high levels of proteins and polysaccharides (a hair strengthening ingredient commonly used in cosmetics), that provide long-lasting volume on even the finest strands. Every use leaves the hair softer and easier to style and prevents tangles that can lead to thinning and loss.

Rene Furterer Volumea Volumizing Shampoo

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Though the shampoo may be more expensive than drugstore options, reviewers on both Amazon and the Rene Furterer website claim its benefits are worth every penny. Many have witnessed positive results on anything from aging tresses to stringy, oily hair. One Amazon shopper said it's the best hair care product they've "used in ages" for their unruly strands, while another on the brand's own product page claimed it performs "better than dozens of shampoos" they've tried before.

Given Rene Furterer's luxurious quality, it's hardly a surprise that several reviewers were introduced to the product by hair care professionals. "This shampoo was recommended by my hairdresser and works just as good as she said it would," said one. "I really like it since it adds body to my very fine limp hair." A second added: "I have been using Rene Furterer's volumizing shampoo for decades. [I] was introduced to it in a very high-end salon. It has a very clean smell, holds without going limp, and does not leave a residue."

While the volumizing shampoo works wonders solo, the brand also carries additional fine, limp hair products that can only help the cause. Pair the highly-rated wash with its matching conditioner or opt for the thickening spray for even more serious height.

Add the Rene Furterer Volumea Volumizing Shampoo to your regimen for $30, and once you've fallen in love with the formula, opt into the brand's auto-replenish service on either Amazon or the home site to save 10 percent on every order.

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