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Wave Spray - Lead
Credit: randcohair/Instagram

For me, beachy waves have always been a double-edged sword. I feel most confident when there’s a deconstructed and slightly messy bend to my hair, but the methods I go about to get them enviably cause dryness. For starters, heat tools, when used in excess, can suck out needed moisture, and salt sprays by nature can be extremely drying. But a recent discovery from the mystical hair labs of R+Co has solved all my problems—well, the ones related to waves, anyway.

Sail Soft Wave Spray ($29; shopspring.com) provides a solution to every issue you’ve ever had with beachy waves. It adds a very light texture and hold to your hair, but you don’t have to worry about it feeling dry or crunchy. The soft in its name is legitimate, as the fine mist gives hair movement without making it feel dehydrated or brittle. Made with nutrient-rich and conditioning ingredients like rose hip and sea kelp, it also helps nourish your hair and add a slight shine while still providing optimal styling.

And it can be used in several different ways. You can spray it in damp hair and then diffuse for a tousled look, or you can just spray it on dry hair to add volume. I apply it after I’ve used my curling wand to break up curls and give them a messy, windblown vibe.

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The best part? I can run my hands through my hair without feeling like I need to apply an entire jar of deep conditioner when I get home.