Shoppers Swear This Shampoo Drastically Cuts Down on Shedding

And repairs brittle, bleached-out hair too.

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This Shampoo Makes Hair Look Thicker in One Wash — and Drastically Cuts Down Shedding
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In this life, there are some things I'll never say no to: red lipstick, a good face serum, any form of chocolate, and shampoo that makes your hair look thicker. No matter how much conditioner I use, losing clumps of hair each shower is an unavoidable part of my week, so unearthing shampoos that put some verve into my hair's growth cycle is always a pleasant surprise. And the latest, Pure Biology's Premium RevivaHair Hair Growth Shampoo, comes with no less than 2,700+ five-star Amazon ratings and the ringing endorsement of shoppers who formerly had bald spots.

Anyone who's poked around the hair growth market knows that claims are high and results are often thin, a dispiriting combo when you're already down from losing hair — and if you're anything like me, delaying washing your hair because shedding is so unpleasant can mean losing even more hair when you do hit the shower. It's a sad cycle, but one that shoppers say finally comes to an end thanks to Pure Biology's formula of thickeners.

According to the brand, said ingredients include castor oil, peptides, keratin amino acids, and saw palmetto and green tea extract to block the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that can impede hair growth. Those are in addition to biotin, argan oil, and vitamins B and E, which New York City dermatologist Dr. Marina Peredo says are ideal for aiding in hair growth, strengthening hair, and moisturizing strands.

Pure Biology Premium RevivaHair Hair Growth Shampoo

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The shampoo receives summarily glowing reviews from shoppers, over a thousand of whom felt compelled to document their five star-earning results. "I have tried many different shampoos before that claim to help with hair growth. This is honestly the first one that I have seen new growth in areas where my hair has been thinning over the last few years," one person writes. Another says it made their hair look thicker in a single wash, with new growth noticeable after a couple of weeks.

Bleaching and dyeing your hair for a decade will do a number on it, as another shopper describes of the 10 years of color treatment that left their hair "super brittle" and difficult to grow. Add to that a "terrible" too-short haircut, and you have a recipe for angst — or you would, without Pure Biology's shampoo. "I was [a] skeptic at first, but it really works," the reviewer writes. "I can't believe how much my hair has grown, and it's so strong and thick."

The shampoo is excellent in the short term, too. People write that it transforms their fine and frizzy hair into healthy, strong strands, and the mix of essential oils makes for a "clean, crisp, and tantalizing smell." It creates an abundance of volume and soft, shiny hair, and despite the price tag, shoppers say it's "worth every penny if you want to stop hair loss." "Magical is the first word that comes to mind," as the tantalized shopper above puts it.

A last reviewer was resigned to seeing their hair thin out with age, but tried the Pure Biology on a whim. After several months, they say they watched thicker hair and a healthier scalp emerge — and received compliments from both their spouse and their hairstylist of several years, aka "the ultimate judge."

Winning thicker hairand the approval of a hair care professional? Priceless, but also, fully worth $31. The shampoo is on Amazon, so you can easily try it for yourself.

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