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When you have fine, straight hair, there's no quirky trick you won't try in order to create volume. Perform bicep aerobics with a hot iron every morning? Yep. Sleep with spongy rollers in your hair? Sure, when no one’s looking. Tease your roots until your scalp throbs? Been there, detangled that. That’s why our beauty editor loves this product: Alterna Haircare Caviar Style Invisible Roller Contour Setting Spray ($18, walmart.com), which helps bulk up and “freeze” hair into shape.

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Infused with proteins to strengthen, the formula also packs copolymers (like the ones in some hairsprays) that create hold. The company shares that when heat is applied to strands treated with this spray, they become more malleable and easier to shape, and once cool will hold the contours you created.

Try the following technique, which gave our beauty editor some amazing lift: Mist the solution onto damp hair, then roughly blow-dry with fingers. (News flash: If your strands are straight and super-fine, drying with a big round brush can actually deflate your hair!) As you dry sections along your crown, pick up pieces that are about an inch or so thick. Brush through them, one at a time, then mist with a bit more of the product. Wrap each section around three or four fingers (as if your fingers were a roller) then use bobby pins to fasten the rolls you create to your scalp. When you’ve created rolls all along your crown and hairline, let your strands cool completely. Unwind and enjoy the added bounce!