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Philosophy Dry Shampoo - LEAD
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I’ve been known to spray Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray onto my arms and wrists like it’s a bottle of Chanel No. 5. And despite the fact that I hate the expending the energy that goes into washing my hair, Jen Atkin’s line tempts me to stand under the shower head. And chances are, once you smell Philosophy’s new dry shampoo, you’ll be spritzing that stuff on dirty and clean hair alike—oh, and the rest of your bod.

That’s because the brand’s first foray into hair styling is huge in terms of signature scents. This month, Philosophy has expanded its award-winning Amazing Grace line into dry shampoo. Meaning you can sop up oil at your roots and have your hair smell faint of the loveliest, cleanest, most refreshing mix of bergamot and musk. But Amazing Grace ($24; sephora.com) isn't the only scent getting the dry shampoo treatment. The brand is also bringing another popular fragrance, Pure Grace, to the world of hair care.

But after testing them out, I gotta tell you, the scent wasn't what blew me away. Don't get me wrong, the fragrance was outstanding, but it was the volumizing effect that won be over. After working out and not having time to wash my hair, I liberally sprayed the formula onto my roots and gently rubbed it into my scalp with my fingers. Even before I worked it into my scalp, I didn't notice any powder or white residue. But when I sprayed it into the lengths of my hair, I noticed almost immediately my hair looked fuller and more voluminous. Trust me, it was pancake flat with just a tiny bit of flip left at the ends from an old blowout. It needed work.

A sweet-smelling product that hides dirty hair and makes it look like you actually styled it? That is amazing grace.