Meet your new favorite “coloring conditioner.”

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Credit: oVertone

As much as we love our colorists (hi Kate!), we need to be honest and admit that sometimes we’d rather just get a tint over and done with, without the costly trip to the salon. Shifting shades is a chameleon trick we’ll never give up, but if the process could be a bit more convenient? Well, that’d be great.

Healthy hair dye company oVertone is making that pursuit a lot easier with its Coloring Conditioner in Earthy Shades, which just launched today.

Brunette beauties looking to add some purple flair have had oVertone’s Purple for Brown Hair line available to them for months, and now it’s neutral shades’ turn. We’re not the only ones eager to shop the finally available collection — this product line racked up a 5,000-person waitlist prior to launch, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it sold out completely within the week.

Here’s why this product is so great: Unlike typical hair dyes, or even dyes that have been pre-blended with conditioners, oVertone doesn’t use damaging agents to open the hair cuticle and deposit pigment. Rather, it relies on the existing openings in your hair cuticles, plus hot water, to add color and vibrancy.

Because of this gentler process, oVertone color won’t last quite as long as a salon dye. But, since it’s an at-home process and perfectly safe to use frequently, you can easily refresh your color any time you shower.

Shop the new coloring conditioners in Honey Brown, Espresso Brown, and Rich Black for just $29 a tub.

Credit: oVertone

To buy: $29;