By Victoria Moorhouse
Feb 07, 2017 @ 6:30 pm
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One of the biggest complaints that comes along with air-drying? A total lack of volume. This is something I can personally attest to. And while there’s plenty of products out there claiming to add an extra something-something to the height of your hair, many of them are only activated with heat. That means blow-drying…But what happens when you want volume but don’t want to use a blow-dryer in the AM? Yeah…

While dry shampoo does help at lifting the root slightly, it's not transformative. But there is hope in a new product from Oribe—a product that can be used on dry hair and adds instant volume to your mane.

It's called Swept Up Volume Power Spray. The super fine powder dispenses like a dry mist from a pump, allowing you to apply directly to your root or the lengths of your hair. It's just as easy to apply as a hairspray, but it's not wet at all.

"I use this as a 'short cut' in my work to give extra volume without the blow dryer," explains Oribe Global Ambassador, James Pecis.

$42, available in April Oribe SHOP IT Opens a new window

It amplifies your hair, adding texture and volume like you'd get with a fresh blowout—or a lot of help from a professional who knows how to layer products on dry hair.

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I've been using it for a few days now, and considering I never blow-dry, it's changed my feelings towards my often pancake-flat hair considerably.

To use it, Pecis suggests making a part in the area you want volume and spraying directly onto the roots. "Continue to part the hair in that area in inch wide sections so it is evenly applied. Then flip the hair to where you want it to sit, and massage the product in with your fingers," he says.

The one downside? The product, which will retail for $42, doesn't drop until April, but we highly suggest keeping an eye out for it. This one got us excited—like Jen Atkin Foam Dry Shampoo level excited.

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