Bonus: It actually works. 

By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Sep 19, 2016 @ 11:15 am
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Dry Shampoo - Lead 2016
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My exercise routine, combined with the fact that I’m already prone to oily roots, means I’m a certified dry shampoo pro. I prefer it over hairspray when it comes to adding a light hold to my beachy waves. Therefore, I, of course, have my favorites and my apartment is always heavily stocked. Dove’s Detox formula never fails, and R+Co's Death Valley Dry Shampoo can flip a bad hair day in a matter of seconds.

But there’s a new dry shampoo bottle on the block that you should know about, and in addition to soaking up the oil, it smells like a fragrance you want to be known for—like the blissful, memorable, all-around alluring kind of scent you'd die to have people forever associate you with.

It should come as no surprise to you now that this new product is from Oribe, the brand that developed its own game-changing Dry Texturizing Spray and even branched off its line with fragrance specifically for your hair.

So while you can already buy the scent to spritz in your mane anyway, the Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo ($22; actually works to reduce the appearance of oily roots, soaking up product build-up in the process, too.

I've used it before and after several different workout classes (running, spinning, bootcamp, NW Method) to amplify my chance at having somewhat decent-looking hair before work—the kind of hair which doesn't need to be pulled up into a topknot immediately. And let me tell you, it performs. After spin, I take my hair down from a tight bun and spray it a few inches away from my roots and gently rub my scalp with my hands. My hair gets a tiny boost of volume and definitely doesn't look (or smell) like I was totally drenched only 20 minutes prior.

Besides working in that department and moisturizing the scalp thanks to a compilation of ingredients like celery seed extract, lavender, and chamomile, the musky and citrusy Cote d’Azur scent sticks around for hours on end, which is a bonus when I forget to apply perfume before leaving the house.

And that, friends, makes getting ready after a super sweaty gym session even easier.