It’s a split ends miracle.

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Credit: Instagram/Olaplex

If you’ve heard the term ‘Olaplex’ before, it was most likely flanked by the words ‘lifesaving,’ ‘miracle,’ or ‘can’t believe I lived this long without it.’

This humble little line of products revolutionized hair care when it came on the scene back in 2014, and it’s had an adamant cult following ever since. This multi-step line strengthens hair with proteins from the inside out, repairing and preventing damage from bleaching, heat styling, chemical processing, and environmental stress.

Today, you can get in on all of Olaplex’s benefits for even less, thanks to Amazon’s biggest sales event of the year, Prime Day. Two products from the brand’s lineup are marked down for just 48 hours, or while supplies last.

The beloved Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment is now on sale for 30 percent off retail price, and the Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother is also 30 percent off. At these prices, it’s advised to stock up, because it’s not often you find Olaplex this cheap.

If you’re not already a convert to the church of ‘Plex, perhaps the 2,300+ near-perfect reviews of Olaplex No 3 will sway you.

“MAGIC,” writes one buyer. “I swear this stuff is made from unicorns. I was doubtful, given that I have tried the gamut of hair conditioning treatments (yes, I know this is NOT a conditioner, but a bonder) and all I have to say is WOWZA! After some really harsh processing, my hair more closely resembled hay than it did actual hair, and as the weeks went on, the breakage started getting worse. I tried this at my last feeble attempt to salvage my locks after a friend recommended it and I am BLOWN AWAY by the results! It really does work. I won't lie and tell you my hair is back to its normal state, but it is SIGNIFICANTLY improved. It is smoother, softer, and even has some of the weight back! This was just after one application (I left it in for an hour as the website suggested for my level of damage). I can't wait to see if it gets better with the next application. I am definitely sold.”

Shop this super-rare occasion to get Olaplex’s miracle products on super-sale on, for as much as 30 percent off.