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Sometime around the second grade, I got my hands on a round brush—and subsequently got my hair so wound around it that my mom had to cut out the strands surrounding it to get it loose. Two decades later, I still avoid round brushes at all costs.

But my avoidance has posed a problem, since—as a fine-haired gal—I'm always after volume. And while my trusty Mason Pearson paddle brush is great for smoothing, it's simply not built for blowouts, being that air can't pass through it.

Cue Yves Durif's new Vented Brush ($55; It's got the best of both worlds: Since it's paddle-shaped, users (read: me) are less prone to creating tangles, and since it's vented, you can shoot through it with a hair dryer and get some lift, à la a traditional round brush.

It's got other very convincing selling points, too. For one, the gentle rubber-like bristles work for both wet and dry hair. The use of that same material—along with carbon fiber, used in the handle—also makes this little guy feel incredibly lightweight. I'm not the type to throw a hairbrush in my bag (lest my purse weigh ten pounds instead of nine), but I've happily toted this one around for almost a week.

If you're going to invest in a hairbrush, then this, my friends, should be it.