I Swear By - Dirty Hairspray
Credit: Getty, Courtesy

A few weeks ago I got a life altering haircut. For as long as I can remember, I've always tried to style get my thick, dry, straight hair into undone waves—the kind of bent texture that looks like you slept through all five of your alarms and literally rolled out of bed looking effortlessly cool.

No matter what hot tool or product I used, my strands always ended up looking fuzzy rather than wavy until I ditched my chest-length hair for a lob. Ever since I went shorter, it's been so much easier to get my hair to add a wave pattern to my hair thanks to a few strategically placed long layers for extra movement, and the help of a really good texturizing spray.

Post-major hair chop, I've been using IGK's Down & Out Dirty Spray ($29; every. single. day. Unlike other texturizing sprays, this formula doesn't leave a filmy residue behind or dry out strands. Thanks to coconut oil and zeolite, the spray adds just the right amount of grit and grip so that hair looked lived-in while nourishing it.

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After using a flat iron to style my waves, I butterfly my strands in sections as I spritz Down & Out, on my mid-lengths to ends. The spray separates and defines the waves so that it looks like I'm rocking third-day hair, without it looking greasy. It also adds the aforementioned ideal amount of grit, which helps my waves hold up all day long, and if I'm honest, two (or sometimes three) days later.

Above all, this texturizing spray doesn't have that same unpleasant musty smell that has turned me off of so many other cans. The scent of guava, midnight violet, and vanilla, is a more than welcome surprise.