Customers even stock up on four or five bottles so they’re never without it.

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Hair Serum
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We are always searching for that life-changing hair product. Many of us have just accepted “bad hair days” as the norm and tend to throw our strands into a bun or add a hat to our outfits if our locks aren’t up to par. But Amazon shoppers seem to have discovered a miracle product for unruly hair, and it’s been blowing up on the retail giant’s sales charts.

The HerStyler Hair Repair Serum looks unassuming: Its packaging consists of a clear glass bottle with a rose gold pump simply labeled “Hair Serum,” and it only costs $12 (which is pocket change compared to higher-end hair products). Despite its simplicity, customers are swearing this serum has saved their hair. Within the past few days, it’s upped its sales by over 128,000 percent, moving from a sales rank in the thousands to the forties — and as of today, it’s skyrocketed 4,300 percent more to number two on the charts. The HerStyler serum has now officially become Amazon’s number one best-selling beauty product, dethroning cult favorites like Aztec Secret’s Indian Healing Clay and Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel.

Made with only eight ingredients, including argan oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E, the hair serum is meant for all hair types and tackles tons of concerns. It’s designed to be a complete hair styling treatment that reduces frizz, tames hair, and replenishes dry and damaged strands by restoring shine, detangling, and remedying split ends. Over 1,800 shoppers have left it perfect five-star reviews, raving that it’s been a total game changer.

HerStyler Hair Repair Serum from Amazon
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To buy: $12;

“This is the only one hair product that actually works for me! I have tried many products like It's 10 Leave in Conditioner, Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, Garnier Anti-Freeze Serum, the popular Moroccan Oil, Redken Anti-Snap Leave in Conditioner...etc. [None] last all day long like this HerStyler serum,” one shopper wrote. “My hair turns very soft, very shiny, and no frizz at all. The smell is just like heaven. Absolutely no [grease or weighing] your hair down at all. My hair seems healthier, and softer everyday. I'm so glad that I've finally found the product that works best for me. You should definitely try out since it's pretty cheap.”

Another reviewer said she was finally able to run her fingers through her hair smoothly for the first time in years after using it. “I’m active duty in the military — my hair is always in a bun with 10 lbs of product in it to keep it intact. It’s extremely damaging and drying. On top of that, a year ago I thought it would be smart to go from black to light blonde. It looked amazing, but through the entire process I cut off a total of 10 inches. My hair was at my shoulders, shed like crazy, looked like a birds nest no matter what I did to it,” she wrote. “So I bought this product off Amazon — I can’t stop touching my hair when I use it. It stays so beautifully smooth [and] I can always run my fingers through it which hasn’t been possible in such a long time.”

So if you’ve been looking for something to save your hair once and for all (and are tempted to see what all the fuss is about), this $12 bottle of apparent liquid gold just might do the trick.