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Living Proof Hair Video
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If you like to workout regularly, you know how important a good dry shampoo is for your routine. Washing your hair after every gym session is pretty time-consuming, especially when you're an morning exerciser and you need to be at work at 9 AM sharp. That's where dry shampoo comes into play. Soaking up the sweat and oils, no one would know you just left spin 25 minutes ago completely drenched and smelling, um, not so sweet.

So how do you know what one to choose with so many options on the market? Test it! That's really the only way to know if any product really works.

Living Proof decided to put their breakthrough product, the Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo ($22; nordstrom.com) to the "torture test" be teaming up with Reebok for a high-intensity workout that included two different classes—one taught by a former Marine and another boot camp style class.

As you can imagine both those sessions are pretty sweat-inducing, but Living Proof's dry shampoo seemed to win that challenge, at least according to their video.

Team MIMI tested out this particular dry shampoo in the past, and we have to agree that it does a particularly stellar job at making your hair look and feel clean, mostly because it is designed to do both.

But that's not to say Living Proof's version is the only one that works miracles in post-workout situations. Oribe's Gold Lust Dry Shampoo ($44; birchbox.com) not only works, but it smells like straight up perfume. amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo ($22; sephora.com) is incredibly affordable and you don't have to deal with any white residue that sticks out like a sore thumb in your hair.

Basically, our advice is to find that dream dry shampoo and put it to work. After all, you just kicked butt in that barre class. Your beauty products should, too.