J.Lo’s Hairstylist and I Both Love This Easy-to-Use Spray for Dreamy Beach Waves

J.Lo’s Hairstylist and I Both Love This Easy-to-Use Spray for Dreamy Beach Waves

BRB, throwing away my curling iron.
By Christie Calucchia
Mar 07, 2021 @ 8:00 am
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I've always had a low-maintenance hair routine. In The Before Times, I preferred to let my hair air dry unless I was in a hurry, used heat styling products sparingly, and steered clear of gels, sprays, and creams. Now, I never need to blow-dry my hair because there's nowhere to go (spoiler alert: I'm at home), and there's rarely a special occasion to warrant dusting off my curling iron or straightener. However, I recently discovered the magical powers of Color Wow's Dream Coat Miracle Mist, and after watching it transform my limp strands into beachy waves, I've been using it every day.

In a recent bout of boredom-induced cleaning, I rediscovered a sample of the spray in the back of my bathroom cupboard and decided to finally give it a try. Following the bottle's instructions, I liberally sprayed the formula on my damp hair after my morning shower. I went to my office (my kitchen table) to get started on work and let my hair air dry. When I looked in the mirror about an hour later, my hair was voluminous and my waves defined. Best of all, there was no crunchy residue left behind, just soft, frizz-free, loose curls.

Color Wow Dream Coat Review
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I was amazed. Although, knowing that hairstylist Chris Appleton used Color Wow hair products on Jennifer Lopez's inimitable locks for multiple occasions (including her 2020 Super Bowl halftime performance and the "Pa' Ti - Lonely" music video), I shouldn't have been surprised.

One of the brand's best-sellers, the spay is designed for curly hair. While my hair is more wavy than curly, the Miracle Mist certainly enhanced my natural texture and gave me the volume boost and wave definition I was hoping for. If you're wondering how Color Wow's Dream Coat spray works on true curls, just take a look at the thousands of five-star ratings on Amazon from shoppers with a variety of hair types.

"My 3A/3B hair is very frizz prone, and no one-and-done product has ever worked for me. But as I like to try new products, I gave it a shot," one reviewer wrote. "It actually works! My curls were light, crunchless, and almost entirely frizz-free for the entire day."

Another said, "My curls have been waiting for this product! It does everything it's supposed to do."  

The formula includes three polymers that each tackle common curly hair woes. One moisturizes, conditions, and reduces frizziness; another provides bounce and elasticity; and one more allows curls to stay soft and shiny. It works best when applied generously to towel-dried hair and combed through with fingers. After that, you can let your hair air dry or blow it out with a diffuser.

I never used to use hair products, but Color Wow's Dream Coat Miracle Mist is so easy to use and makes my hair look so good that I'm willing to make an exception. Plus, if it's good enough for J.Lo, it's definitely good enough for me. Grab a bottle from Amazon to try it out for yourself.

COLOR WOW Miracle Moisture Mist for Perfect FrizzFree Curls
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