This Biotin-Infused Serum Provides "Amazing Transformations" on Thinning Hair, According to Shoppers

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This Biotin-Infused Serum Provides an "Amazing Transformation" on Brittle Hair
Photo: Motoko Tonn/Unsplash

Dealing with hair loss can be alarming, especially if you're noticing increasingly drastic changes with your strands on a daily basis. This anxiety-inducing experience is more common than one might think — factors such as stress, postpartum hair loss, genetics, and lifestyle choices can all contribute to a thinning scalp. Luckily, there are affordable haircare options to help reverse the damage and bring brittle hair back to a healthy, voluminous state.

The Boldify 3X Biotin Hair Thickening Serum is a prime example; the 3-in-1 product acts as a long-term hair growth treatment, a volumizing serum, and a leave-in conditioner. From the very first application, users noticed an immediate difference in the thickness of their strands; one reviewer reported that their hair retained fullness for three days straight after using the serum. Even those who've lost massive amounts of hair claim the serum has made their "thin, straw hair look thicker [and] shinier," and the photo evidence shared by some truly prove the "amazing transformations" the serum can provide (see here, here, and here).

Boldify Biotin Serum

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Though biotin acts as the key ingredient in the formula for inciting hair growth, coconut oil and lemongrass extract play an important role in improving the overall scalp health. "Both coconut oil and lemongrass extract are used by many patients to improve hair health," says Andrew Kashian, Founder of Solve Clinics, an award-winning hair transplant clinic based in Chicago. "Many patients report healthier, shinier hair after using these types of natural oil as a topical treatment," he says. "They can moisturize and hydrate the scalp as well, which creates a good, nutrient rich environment for hair growth."

And the results are in: The hair growth serum has earned over 5,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers who've deemed it the "hope for hopeless hair." Even those with brittle hair that resembles a "haystack" claim the non-sticky, non-greasy formula is an absolute game changer.

"At long, long, last I have found something that truly gives volume to my thinning hair," wrote one reviewer. "I used this product once, and will never use anything else. The front top of my hair is thinning so much from thyroid disease I was ready to buy a hair piece to cover it up, but I can put that off for now. After using this product ONCE, applied only on the top for volume, the results are truly amazing. I have volume, and the thinning is less noticeable."

Another person wrote: "My hair looks like one of those toddlers whose mothers desperately try to make a ponytail or anything because there isn't really much there. This product gives me SUCH great volume. The added perk? I have very greasy hair and this product lets me go two days without washing. I've NEVER done that before."

Your own transformation awaits. Head to Amazon to grab the Boldify 3X Biotin Hair Thickening Serum for $23.

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