I’ll never look at a can of aerosol dry shampoo the same again.

By Maya Gandara
Updated May 04, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
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When I first heard my favorite razor brand had expanded their selection to include a trio of clean beauty products, my head was turned. Billie first emerged onto the scene of female-first brands in 2017, and it reminded us of unjust issues such as the “Pink Tax.” Its high-quality shaving products have garnered a ton of worthy rave reviews, and now the brand’s latest releases carry an additional message worth listening to: Clean ingredients are just as effective. Both the biodegradable Wonder Wipes and buttery Super Salves deserve their own write-ups, but out of the three released products, the Floof Dry Shampoo caught my attention the most.

While I’ll admit I was gifted with thick, long locks of hair, I wasn’t so lucky when it came to my oily roots. I’ve overflowed my vanity with countless cans of dry shampoo to remedy the issue, acquiring only white residue with none of the lift promised. I’ve opted to wash my hair daily instead; a routine I’ve hoped to break to keep my hair as healthy as possible. So, once again, I turn towards dry shampoo as a possible solution.

Part dry shampoo, part volumizing powder, Floof arrives in unique packaging that’s guaranteed to stand out amidst a sea of less exciting bottles — but that’s just one of many reasons I’ve come to love it. The biotin-infused powder refreshes your roots, but also adds lift and texture to the point of appearing freshly washed. Rice starch and baking soda soak up grease, leaving your hair squeaky clean without drying out your scalp. It’s currently available in both dark and light colors that blend the powder seamlessly into your roots.

I selected the dark shade for my brunette roots and began to incorporate it into my regimen. It only takes a few mess-free shakes of the powder to achieve my desired lift. It scatters easily throughout my hair, and never feels as though I’ve applied any product to my strands. It’s light, strengthening, and leaves my hair shiny and fluffy — or dare I say, “Floofy.”

Be kinder to the environment, and grab this powder formula in place of your aerosol dry-shampoo cans for just $14 per cute bottle.


Shop now: $14; mybillie.com