Amazon Reviewers Call This the "Best Natural Shampoo Ever" — And My Curls Have Depended On It for the Past 6 Years

Amazon Reviewers Are 'Stunned' at How Well This $8 Clean Shampoo Works

And it keeps itchy winter scalps at bay.
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There's something heartwarming when people share your favorite beauty product. Maybe it's a mascara in common with Blake Lively (that means you're best friends), or telling your actual best friend to pick up a great hand cream and seeing it spread through your friends' bags like wildfire. It's intimacy, validation, and trust — romance can step aside, because you affected someone's life.  

That's the sense of satisfaction I get from seeing glowing Amazon reviews for Desert Essence's Coconut Shampoo. I picked up the unassuming bottle for my super-curly hair about six years ago, and it checks every box so well that I haven't been without it since. As soon as I step in the shower, my chief concern is detangling the insane, unfathomable number of knots that come with curly hair. When I use any other shampoo, my conditioner has to do the heavy lifting. When I use this coconut shampoo first, the difficulty and pain of detangling goes from an 8 down to a 2. 

My bathroom is currently home to way too many products, so the fact that I repurchase this shampoo before I run out is saying something (and it's not that I'm wasteful). I'm not religious, either, but this shampoo is my gospel — and seeing Amazon's 581 five-star reviews feels like coming home. 

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Commenters talk about how it's "literally the best natural shampoo ever," mentioning how it makes their hair smell amazing and feel moisturized and clean, but not stripped. It's an equal opportunity pleaser: One reviewer says, "my hair was thinning and drying in a scary way. This keeps it soft, shiny and [gives it] lots of body," while others with thick hair write that it leaves their strands silky and manageable. 

Two themes come up in the reviews. One, that a little goes a very long way, and "if you want a shampoo that gives you lots of coverage for the dollar, look no further. I can wash my shoulder-length hair with a teaspoon of this." The other? If you have sensitive skin or allergies and need an all-safe shampoo, this is the best option. 

One reviewer with a sensitive scalp wrote, "The first time I used this, I was stunned," and continued, "my scalp no longer itched, and the redness was gone. When my hair dried it was no longer brittle, and since I air dry, my curls and waves were back." 

I'll just say this: I have seborrheic dermatitis and poor impulse control, so I end up picking at scalp flakes whenever they appear. It's my problematic fave. But with this shampoo, winter's dreaded scalp itch stays the hell away. 

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