There Are Some Unexpected Hair Colors That Will Be Trending for Summer 2021

It's all about soft shades this year.

Summer Hair Colors
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Summer is the time of year to get creative with your hair color and try something new, whether you want to revive your curls, enhance your glow or simply change up your look.

"With every season comes a fresh start, and changing your hair is such an exciting and expressive way to do that," says Guy Tang, hair educator and founder of #myidentity.

So whether you're thinking about trying an all-over color change or just a few highlights, there are plenty of options to choose from.

"After getting out of quarantine, people are wanting something easy or something fun," says celebrity colorist Amber Maynard Bolt. "We're seeing bolder color decisions at the salon."

To give you a head start on figuring out what color will work for you, Bolt and Tang share some hot hair colors that will be trending this summer.

Their picks, ahead.

Soft, Natural Beige

This cool shade is best described as the color of sand. The controlled warmth and ash undertones creates a shiny, summery feel, especially when used to highlight dark hair.

"Bring light to dark hair by concentrating the natural beige highlights around the face and ends of the hair," says Tang.

Butter Melt

Butter melt blonde is a natural, creamy blonde with tons of dimension. The mix of colors creates a sun-kissed look, making it a summer favorite.

"This color is ideal for blondes who have decided to stop fighting against naturally occurring warmth," says Bolt. "It's a great representation of 'natural kid highlights.'"

Bold Highlights

Bold highlights are a big summer trend. Lighten your natural shade with high contrast placements to give a bright, bold result full of dimension.

"This type of blonde enhances a warm-medium skin complexion or adds brightness to a cool-medium complexion," says Tang.

Biscuit Beige

Biscuit beige is a neutral blend of brown and blonde shades that are perfect for transitioning from one season to the next.

"With many people lightening their hair at the salon for the first time in a while, this color trend infuses the best of a cool brown base with multidimensional golden blonde highlights, resulting in a beautifully blended beige," says Bolt. "The combination of warmth and ash is a great way to bring out a healthy, youthful glow and looks great on darker hair and darker skin tones"

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Rose Blonde

The rich hue and metallic shimmer of this rose gold color makes a bold summer statement. Featuring a warm blend of golden blonde, pink, and red, this color accentuates peach and gold tones in those with a warmer skin tone.

"This stunning tone brings excitement to the hair," says Tang.


Pastel hair colors provide an instant cool factor and can be customized to suit anyone. From pink to green and every color in between, you're bound to be spoiled for choice.

"Pastels work well for those who are already blonde and want an easy color change," says Bolt. "Alternatively, if you're willing to brave endless hours in the chair to live on the wild side of life, a pastel color is for you. Healthy hair is the key to this look, I always recommend K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask to heal any damage."


This trending fusion of brown and blonde is perfect for lightening up darker hair.

"The combination works for all complexions and really awakens the skin," says Tang. "I like this type of blonde highlight on curly hair because it really showcases the curl's shape, texture, and dimension. When your hair is all a dark color, it's hard to see curl definition."

Hidden Highlights

This trend is the perfect way to weave a pop of color into your day-to-day style.

"Instead of taking the plunge and dyeing the full head a bright shade, a strip or two of bright color adds a fun, yet subtle touch for the season," says Bolt. "This color is great as it can be both bold and hidden."

Opposite Tones

Create a unique shade and give your hair a burst of life by blending opposite tones together.

"This look is best achieved by using a color melting technique. Pick two shades close to the same level but opposite in tone," says Tang. "Opposite tones tend to suit neutral skin tones as they can pull off both cool and warm combinations."

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